Conference: My body – my responsibility – my choice – Abolish § 218!

We invite you to our


July 9th/10th, 2016
(Saturday 11am to 8pm, Sunday 10am to 1pm)
in Schloss19, Schloßstraße 19, 14059 Berlin
(Subway station: Sophie-Charlotte-Platz)

– Hier findest Du die deutschsprachige Einladung –

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About the conference

The debate on the subject of abortion rights continues to be dominated by conservative forces and the radical right. As a consequence, we want to take stock of how the topic of abortion is approached in society.

We would therefore like to invite you to our conference to share your experiences and get connected to others.

The conference will start with a podium on the history of resistance against paragraph 218 of the German criminal code (StGB) and the current situation regarding § 218 und § 219 StGB in Germany. Speakers will provide information about our group, the Alliance for Sexual Self-Determination (Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung), and touch upon further aspects to be to be addressed at length in smaller groups.

The group phase will feature a discussion on how abortion was regulated in (former) East and West Germany and the historical relevance of the 1988/1989 Memming legal process for the opposition to  § 218. Further discussions will address the situation today, considering the role of the labour unions, the portrayal of abortion in the media, as well as the coordinated strategies used by political actors like the AfD to pursue a complete ban on abortion, and the realities of abortion access for migrants.

Activists from the alliance will be accompanied by experts and international activists including Goretti Horgan, Magdalena Federlin, Ulrike Busch, Ursula Schröter, Gisela Notz, Christian Fiala, Eike Sanders, and Hazal Atay.

In the closing panel we will talk to activists from Ireland, Spain and Poland to get an impression what the situation is like in countries where laws on pregnancy termination are even more restrictive, as well as where resistance has been successful.

In addition to finalizing a resolution on § 218 StGB, on Sunday we want to network with groups and individuals from all parts of Germany and together plan our protests against the Christian fundamentalist “March for Life” on September 17th, 2016 in Berlin.

We want to offer the following workshops, where participants can discuss the issues in more detail on Saturday:

  • 1: Memming legal process/Abortion in the GDR
  • 2: Labour unions and § 218 StGB
  • 3: Medical issues/physicians
  • 4: Dealing with Abortion in the media
  • 5: Situation of refugees/migrants
  • 6: AfD / Attacks of the political right

Download the flyer for the conference. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

To help us plan for the conference it would be helpful if you could register at the link below. However, it’s also fine to drop by without registering.

In solidarity, the Alliance for Sexual Self-Determination.

You can register for the conference here

If you have got a question, just contact us:
Email:, Fon: +49 (0) 160 3772208.

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